Abstract Submission is now closed.
Please submit your final paper through Paper Submission System.

The abstract submission process will be slightly different this year. Instead of submitting an abstract into pre-defined sections, we are taking a data-driven approach, and letting your submissions guide the creation of the sections. This year you will submit your abstract into a given content area. After the call for papers closes, we will evaluate the abstracts, and if accepted, we will assign your paper to the section in which it best fits. The only exceptions to this new format are Posters and the invited section of Hands-on Workshops (HOW).

Below is the essential information you will need to submit an abstract for the conference. Before submitting an abstract, please review the information carefully. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Arthur Li, Academic Chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Cash prize will be granted to those Best Paper winners as well we the the first one who submit a full paper for proceedings.

Submission Basics

Your submission will need to include a title and an abstract (summary) of no more than 300 words. You will also be asked to provide the name, affiliation (company, etc.), and email address for each author as well as contact information and a short biography (Bio Template) for the primary author.

To improve the chances of your paper being selected for the conference, you are encouraged to include a working draft or outline of the paper. This will give the conference committee a better idea of the content, style, and quality of your paper.

Paper Guidelines

Every abstract that is selected for oral presentation at the conference will require the submission of an accompanying paper for publication in the PharmaSUG China 2016 proceedings. Your paper should conform with the PharmaSUG China 2016 Paper Guidelines found in our Presenter Resources.

Writing a paper is optional for poster presentations. Poster authors can choose to include a paper or an electronic version of the poster in the proceedings.

Authors can also submit their final presentation slides (due August 31, 2016) which will be uploaded to our website after the conference is over. Please know that PharmaSUG China no longer prints copies of the Conference Proceedings. Rather, the proceedings and authors’ final presentation slides (if any) are available on the PharmaSUG China website after the close of the conference.

Terms and Conditions

For each abstract accepted for presentation at PharmaSUG China 2016, the author(s) agree(s) to:

  1. Submit the Copyright Grant Form signed by all authors on or before August 31, 2016;
  2. Submit a final paper in PDF format consistent with the PharmaSUG China 2016 Paper Guidelines on or before August 8, 2016;
  3. Submit a final presentation slides by August 31, 2016;
  4. Register for the conference on or before the early registration deadline of August 1, 2016 when the Presenter’s discount ends.

If any of the above terms and conditions are not met, PharmaSUG China reserves the right to remove the presentation from the Conference Schedule and exclude the paper from the Conference Proceedings.