We are pleased to have two industry experts as our Keynote Speakers.

  • Big Data Analytics Capability
    by Wei Dong, SAS Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd

    This talk will include the following topics:
    1. Big data analytics and healthcare application scenario: Introduce big data and its healthcare application scenario.
    2. SAS analytics capability: Introduce briefly SAS analytics capability and related products, including SAS Stat, SAS EG, SAS EM, VA, Forcast.
    3. SAS Viya based on cloud analytics: Introduce SAS Viya based on big data cloud architecture.

  • "It Must be True, I Read it on the Internet!"
    by Peter Eberhardt, Fernwood Consulting Group Inc

    When he was young Peter would often ask “How do I spell ?”. His father’s response was always “Look it up in the dictionary”. The first thing you will notice here is the words often and always – Peter was never known as a quick learner. You might say he was at an unfair disadvantage; not knowing how to spell the word meant he could not zoom in to the Oxford Concise English Dictionary and spot the word that was so troubling his life. In fact, many a minute was wasted as he browsed through the big book trying to find the word that was leaving his life in limbo. In this talk, Peter will dwell on those wasted minutes and explain why he never became a Rock and Roll superstar.