PharmaSUG is a non-profit organization consisting of professionals worldwide in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Its primary purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and the promotion of new ideas concerning the use of software as it relates to quantitative health sciences including epidemiology, health economics, health management, outcomes research, biostatistics and clinical research.

Beijing Biometrics Forum (BBF) is a China-based, non-profit membership organization that aims to serve, support, represent and promote the interests of statisticians, statistical programmers, clinical data managers and all others with an interest in the application of statistics and data management in pharmaceutical industry. BBF seeks to further its aims by partnering with other organizations in China and elsewhere around the world.

PharmaSUG China is an annual event organized by PharmaSUG and members of BBF. The conference location alternates between Beijing and Shanghai. While the main focus is China, the conference organizers welcome attendees from around the world!