We are pleased to announce our Keynote Presentations.

  • Topic 1: How to Release the Power of the Real World Data, When and How?
    by Shanmei Liao, BeiGene

    Shanmei Liao, BeiGene

    About Topic: With the growth of global awareness of the real world data use, many scenarios emergence trying to release the mysterious power of the asset. While within drug development, two most focused scenarios are serving as key evidence for regulatory approval and support effectiveness confirmation after regulatory approval, since both of the scenarios require high standard for the evidence which is still a dimension real world data need to demonstrate. The presentation will share few stories in these two areas to help us understand the current situation and shed lights to future development directions.

    About Presenter: Shanmei Liao has about 15 years working experience in pharma/biotech industry. She worked for BMS US and Pfizer China and currently is the post approval and real world evidence global stat group lead in Beigene. She has worked/led about 6 China and US filings, and covered dozens of phase 1 to phase 4 clinical trials, in therapeutic areas as I/O, heme, I/I, neuro science, virology, CV/MED and biosimilar development. After taking the role of post approval stat lead in Beigene, she has led multiple China and exChina RWD studies design, PMC regulatory discussion, HTA and China NRDL package analyses and regulatory discussion, RWD and PRO analyses for post approval evidence generation, and quantitative monitoring for post marketing PV data. She is also served as the lead for China DIA RWD community and lecturer for both Yeehong Drug Development MBA program and National Medical Product Administration Institute of executive development (NMPAIED) with a focus on the RWD use in drug development. She got her Ph.D. from University of California at Davis and bachelor degree from Peking University, both in statistics.

  • Topic 2: Between now and the future - our mission and purpose
    by Ping-Chung Chang, Phastar

    Ping-Chung Chang, Phastar, China

    About Topic: Technologies are usually driven by unmet needs, and unmet needs are often represented by market trend data. This talk will focus on dissecting the industry spending & profit data, reviewing health care evolutions, summarizing the recent innovation hot topics and discussing our mission in this technology era. The goal is to provide audience a full-circle view of our industry’s movements on the innovation front and thus the purpose PharmaSUG serves.

    About Presenter: Mr. Ping-Chung Chang is currently the Head of China Development and Global Delivery at Phastar. Ping has been a biostatistician in the clinical industry since 2002 and has had worked for pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO companies through the years. Ping is an experienced leader in regulatory submissions, large global team operations and CRO business management. While his current career focus is business optimization, Ping has also been greatly interested in innovations that lead to effort reduction or process improvements, and has been a vocal leader for virtual trials, data visualization and advanced data monitoring methods.

  • Topic 3: How Data and Insights Driven Drug Development
    by Meng Chen, AstraZeneca

    Meng Chen, AstraZeneca

    About Topic: The theme of the 2022 PharmaSUG China is about new policy, new technology and new opportunity. This presentation will talk about how data and insights driven drug development is becoming the focus of pharma industry and unlocking R&D productivity is the key. This has impact on the traditional programming and data management community and also provides new opportunity. I will discuss a few areas where we can grow our new capabilities, re-think about the ways we work, and ultimately evolve the type of talents for the future R&D.

    About Presenter: Meng is currently Head of Biometrics in Astrazeneca R&D China. She leads a group of statisticians, programmers, data managers, medical writers together with business operation experts in AZ R&D China to help make innovative drugs available to the patients fast. She had over 16 years of industry experience having worked both in the US and China, on projects across many therapeutic areas and leading teams. Meng was trained as a statistician, and obtained her PhD in Statistics from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Topic 4: Sometimes newer is better, sometimes newer is just newer - How to pursue new technologies rationally!
    by Hui Liu, MSD China

    Hui Liu, MSD China

    About Topic: We are facing new challenges when the Pharma industry is booming year by year. It seems we need new solutions for existing or emerging challenges but 'is new technology the only choice?' Is 'new' always good? Any strategy or tips we can learn from other industries or fields? Let's have some discussion.

    About Presenter :Hui Liu is working in MSD China Statistical Programming group and also a member in MSD global standards and process group based in US. He is the lead of “Global Utilities Library” which is a department-wise library contains solutions in multiple programming languages for tasks which beyond conventional statistical analysis and reporting. His previous working experience includes Pfizer China R&D Center and Eli Lilly China. His interests and past achievements in the Pharma industry are delivering graphic/interactive user interface tools for clinical trial data analysis and leveraging variant programming languages for solving problems which are not efficient to be dealt with by single language.