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Fees and Policies

Registration Type Early Registration
(Mar 28 - Aug 01)
Regular Registration
(Aug 02 - Aug 10)
Late / On-Site Registration
(Aug 11 - Aug 18)
Regular Attendee ¥2,412 (CNY) ¥2,881 (CNY) ¥3,350 (CNY)
Presenter ¥2,010 (CNY) ¥2,881 (CNY) ¥3,350 (CNY)
Pre-Conference Seminar ¥871 (CNY) per half-day class.
Last date to cancel a pre-conference
seminar registration is Jun 25th with
admin fee of ¥335 (CNY) applied.
--- ---

If payment is not received by the end date for the corresponding registration fee, registration fees will be increased to those of the next registration time period. Example: You register on Apr 10, 2022 (for Early Registration) but you pay on Jul 25, 2022. Your registration fee is ¥2,881 (CNY) Chinese Yuan. Likewise, if you register on August 01, 2022 (for Regular Registration) but you pay on August 10, 2022, your registration is considered Late/ On-site Registration and your registration fee is ¥3,350 (CNY) Chinese Yuan.

Presenter's Discount

Prices above reflect a discount for presenters. Presenters pay only ¥2,010 (CNY) Chinese Yuan if registered and paid by July 04, 2022.

Balance Code

If you have a balance code put from the Balance Plan of PharmaSUG China 2021, please use it for you registration.


- Electronic Fapiao: will be sent to the registration email within 7 business days after your registration.
- Paper Fapiao: could be provided on-site, otherwise please contact the conference comittee to mail it.