Shanghai (Aug 18 - Aug 20, 2022)

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1 Hands-on Workshops

HOW151. How Can Python Really Help Our Hands-on Work?
Jie Liu, BeiGene (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; Wei (Tony) Zhang, Pfizer (China) Research and Development Co.,Ltd. China;

2 Applications Development

AD114. Lab Unit Conversions - Dictionary and Macro Made Easy
Michael Yang, David Fielding, Kent Letourneau, Tobias Bottor, Jessica Kueker and Amy Welsh, ICON plc

AD115. Extracting Titles and Footnotes from TLF SHELL with PYTHON
Weiwei Zhang, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited

AD116. Concatenate RTF files with python
Yingnan Guo, Xin Jiang, Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

AD117. A callback-based approach for parallel processing
Yong Cao, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

AD121. A Point-and-Click MedDRA Leveling Tool
Yanze Zhang, IMPACT Therapeutics

AD127. Automation for Browser Using Selenium Python – Download EDC Data in RAVE for Example
Zhouhao Pan, BeiGene

AD131. Repetitive Excel tasks, VBA helps you out
*** BEST PAPER ***
Weiping Zhang, BeiGene (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

AD134. Interlocking and Mutually Reinforcing System - From Shells to TLGs Automatically Generation
Zhiping Yan, Dizal Pharma

AD141. ADaM Specifications Automation from Company Standards to Study
Zhi Xu, Zhiping Yan, Jianyong Tong, Xinyun Gao and Jiarui He, Dizal Pharma

AD142. Integrated Process of aCRF with Dual Bookmarking and TOC for SDTM-MSG-V2.0
Weijie Yang, Xinran Luo, Qiying Wei, Shuang Qiu, Everest Clinical Research Corporation

AD149. Electronic Case Retrieval Strategy Application - General View and Usage in Programming for Adverse Event Categorization in Safety Analysis
*** BEST PAPER ***
Dylan Hu, Novartis

AD152. Exploring AE with EDC Data Using R Package
Feng Chen, Fosunpharma

3 Advanced Techniques

AT105. Real-time SDTM
Chunpeng Zhao, Mijun Hu, Jie Liu, Jiapeng He, Liming Xie, Aide Zhou and Bingting Tao, BeiGene

AT129. The interaction between SAS and R, python, linux
*** BEST PAPER ***
Kaiping Yang, BeiGene

AT133. Exploration on the Knowledge of Linux to Help Daily Work
Jinzhi Zhou, Jie Liu, BeiGene (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

AT135. Developing R code using S3 and R6 Object Oriented approach
Shuang Gao, BeiGene (Beijing) Co., Ltd

AT147. Using CI/CD to Better Manage R Projects
Dan Li, Merck

AT153. Deploying Jupyterhub using Docker
Haiping Yu, dMed

4 Submission Standards and Regulatory Insights

SR112. Our challenges to save the data management cost and enhance the data quality in “Post-Marketing Surveillance”
Yusuke Inoue, Novartis Pharma K.K.

SR118. Dictionary Preparation for RTF Table Translation
Junfan Zhang, Luwei Pang, MSD China, Shanghai

SR128. Detailed Operation to Process MedDRA/WHODrug Dictionary Up-Version with SAS Macros
Yejin Huang, ClinChoice

SR144. How to deal with Immunogenicity Data in the clinical trial
Manxi Chen, Everest Clinical Research

SR145. Time to Get in the Genomics Findings (GF) Domain
*** BEST PAPER ***
Xuejie Zhou, Liming Xie, Qiuan Hu and Shanshan Ma, BeiGene, Inc.

SR158. How to understand the basic requirements of AE analysis and build up an AE data flow that fits the analysis purpose
Guo Yu, AstraZeneca, Shanghai, China

5 Data Visualization

DV111. SAS ® ODS Application of Interactive and Informative Clinical Trial Reports
Luwei Pang, MSD, Shanghai, China; Aiming Yang, Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA

DV122. Beautify User Interfaces in Shiny APP
Wanrong Wang, Fosun Pharma

DV123. Comparison of the different methods to create multiple graphs on a page
Minming Chen, Sanofi Corporation

DV126. Interactive Data Visualization with Python Plotly
Wei (Tony) Zhang, Pfizer (China) Research and Development Co.,Ltd. China

DV130. Use R Shiny to Develop a User-Friendly Interactive Tool
Chengcheng Ma, Legend

DV143. TIBCO Spotfire Specs Automation
*** BEST PAPER ***
Chengwei Li,Jiayi Wang, Lilly China

6 Management and Career Development

MA103. Conversation about the Career Development for a Clinical Programmer-To Choose Their Own Way
Fangfang Wu, 3SBIO INC.

MA150. Programming Thinking Development and Career Growth
Stanley Wei, Novartis

MA154. Team Management and Staff Career Development of Statistical Programming in FSP Model
Vera Zhu, Margaret Li, ICON

MA155. Ready for Your Next Interview in a State of Flux
Ju Chen, Fosun Pharma

MA157. Upward Management from Programming Understanding or Perspective
*** BEST PAPER ***
Shechang Li, China R&D and Medical Affairs Janssen Research & Development

7 Statistics

ST120. A Study of Two Rival Methods in Calculating Bayesian Predictive Probability
Han Liang, Haiyan Xu, Yawen Ouyang, XuanZhu Biotechnology Co., Ltd

ST124. How to better understand iRECIST – a new wave in immunotherapeutic
*** BEST PAPER ***
Zongfeng Lei, Xiaoxuan Zhu, BeiGene

ST138. Prepare ADaM data sets for Objective Response Rate (ORR) and Progression-Free Survival (PFS) analysis in an efficient way
Sen Fan, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd

ST156. Concentration‐QTc Assessment in Early Phase Trials
Haolin Sun, Simcere R&D, Shanghai, China

8 Real World Data/Evidence

RW106. Relationship and Distinction between RCT and RWS with Design of An Oncology Project as Example (以一项肿瘤研究的设计讨论看RCT与RWS的联系与区别)
姚向明, 杭州泰格医药科技股份有限公司

RW119. Implementation of CDISC in Real World Data
Xiang Wang, Happy Life Tech

RW146. Real World Data Standardization for an Ophthalmology Real World Study in China and Exploration of New eSource Solutions
*** BEST PAPER ***
Junkai Lai, Hangzhou LionMed Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd; Peking University Clinical Research Institute; Chen Yao, Peking University Clinical Research Institute, Peking University First Hospital, Hainan Institute of Real World Data; Bin Wang, Department of Infectious Diseases, the Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine; Kai Wang, Xiwen Liao,Peking University First Hospital

RW159. Retrospective Observational RWS In Oncology Based On EMR Data
Panpan Miao, Digital Health China Technologies Co., LTD.

9 Coder’s Corner

CC104. Rotate (Transpose) a Dataset as Appropriate in SAS
Muyan Zhou, Xiaomin Ding, 3SBIO INC.

CC110. ADaM creation: SAS or R?
Yan Qiao, BeiGene

CC113. Use GUI with SAS Programs: Overview and New Solutions
Wei Chi, and Hongfang Zhou, Xuanzhu Biopharm Inc.

CC125. Generating Readable and User-friendly Patient Profile Output in xlsx Format
Yunxiao Zhao, Haihe Biopharma Co., Ltd.

CC132. Auto-Creation for Patient Profiles SAS Code
Yuhang Liu, Jie Liu BeiGene Ltd.

CC137. Identification Rule for Missing2TAs
Xi Cheng, Beigene

CC148. Hash - One Data Step to Deal with Complex Logic in SDTM/ADaM Generation
*** BEST PAPER ***
Lee Wan, Tigermed Co., Ltd.