Thanks to everyone who presented a paper at PharmaSUG 2016. There were many outstanding paper presentations. The section chairs awarded the status of Best Paper to the following papers:

Applications Development

AD17. The New STREAM Procedure as a Virtual Medical Writer
Joseph Hinson, inVentiv Health, Princeton, NJ

Beyond the Basics

BB07. Meaningful Presentation of Clinical Trial Data with Multiple Y-Axes Graph
Mina Chen, Roche Product Development in Asia Pacific, Shanghai, China

BB15. The Impact of Change from wlatin1 to UTF-8 Encoding in SAS Environment
Hui Song, PRA Health Sciences, Blue Bell, PA
Anja Koster, PRA Health Sciences, Zuidlaren, The Netherlands

Career Planning

CP03. Are You Thinking About Becoming an Independent Contractor? Things to Consider as you Plan for Your New Entrepreneurship
Kathy Bradrick, MSM, Chiltern International, Inc.
Dawn Edgerton, MBA, RAC, Edgerton Data Consulting, LLC

Data Standards

DS08. Deconstructing ADRS: Tumor Response Analysis Data Set
Steve Almond, Bayer Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada

Data Visualization and Graphics

DG15. Elevate your Graphics Game: Violin Plots
Spencer Childress, Rho, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

Healthcare Analytics

HA01. PrecMod: An Automated Precision SAS® Macro for Random Effects Models
Jesse A. Canchola, Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Pleasanton, CA
Pari Hemyari, Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Pleasanton, CA

Industry Basics

IB12. Handling Interim and Incomplete Data in a Clinical Trials Setting
Paul Stutzman, Axio Research LLC, Seattle, WA

Management and Support

MS06. Recruiting and Retention Strategies for 2016 in the SAS Programmer Staffing Organizations
Helen Chmiel, Experis, Inc, Kalamazoo, MI
Mindy Kiss, Experis, Inc, Kalamazoo, MI
Andrea Moralez, Experis, Inc, Kalamazoo, MI


PO09. Don't Agonize, Organize: Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of SAS® Programming in Clinical Trials projects, by using Project Management Organizing Methodologies
Shefalica Chand, Seattle Genetics, Inc., Bothell, WA

PO17. Standards Implementation & Governance: Carrot or Stick?
Julie Smiley, Akana, San Antonio, TX
Judith Goud, Akana, Bennekom, Netherlands

Quick Tips

QT08. Trivial Date Tasks? PROC FCMP Can Help
Jueru Fan, PPD, Morrisville, NC

QT14. SAS® and R - stop choosing, start combining and get benefits!
Diana Bulaienko, Experis Clinical, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Statistics and Pharmacokinetics

SP07. Latent Structure Analysis Procedures in SAS®
Deanna Schreiber-Gregory, National University, Moorhead, MN

Submission Standards

SS04. To IDB or Not to IDB: That is the Question
Kjersten Offenbecker, Spaulding Clinical Research, West Bend, WI
Beth Seremula, Chiltern International, King of Prussia, PA

Techniques and Tutorials

TT10. May the Function Be With You: Helpful SAS® Functions, Particularly When Handling CDISC Data
Angela Lamb, Chiltern, King of Prussia, PA