Eason Yang
Novartis, China

Kriss Harris
SAS Specialists Ltd, UK
2019 Conference Co-Chairs
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PharmaSUG 2019 has now concluded.Thanks to everyone who attended, presented, and/or volunteered! You made the conference a tremendous success!

PharmaSUG Wuhan half-day event was held successfully on September 12, 2019, at BeiGene's Wuhan site. The event attracted a total of 175 registered attendees with more than 50 onsite and 120 online participation. There were 6 invited presentations.

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  • PharmaSUG China is the premier event of the year for statistical programmers, statisticians, data managers, researchers, and others who analyze data in the life sciences. The 2019 conference committee is hard at work planning another fabulous event featuring two days of paper presentations, hands-on workshops, live demonstrations, and much more. Our Special Speakers include notable experts from regulatory agencies of several countries. Seminars for pre-conference training include e-Submission with eCTD for NDA, Clinical Graph, Tidyverse, Shiny & R, and Python.
  • If you are looking for practical, real-world knowledge, you won't want to miss PharmaSUG China 2019.
  • 敬请标记您的日历 - PharmaSUG China 2019将于8月30日至8月31日在上海举行,并于8月29日举行会前培训。
  • PharmaSUG China是统计分析程序员、统计师、数据管理员、及生命科学数据分析研究员的年度盛事。 2019年会议委员会正在努力筹划一场精彩的活动,包括两天的论文演讲、实践研讨、现场演示等等。特邀嘉宾包括来自几个国家的药物监管部门的著名专家。会前培训的研讨会包括新药申请的电子提交eCTD,制图,R 和Python等专题。
  • 如果您正在寻找实际的,现实世界的知识,不要错过PharmaSUG China 2019年会。
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