PharmaSUG China 2019 Conference Proceedings

Aug 30 - Aug 31, 2019

Application Development & Technical Techniques

AD07. Project Management in SharePoint - utilities empowering process in clinical domain
Charan Kumar Kuyyamudira Janardhana, Ephicacy Lifescience Analytics

AD10. Data De-identification Automation in SAS
*** BEST PAPER ***
Huan Lu, Sanofi Aventis

AD14. Excel-like Data Definition Editor for Real-time Generation of Define.xml and Mapping specs Management
xinyan song, YinZhen Information¡¡

AD18. Escape trap ¨C External Data Interaction with SAS
Ping Lu, SAS Institute

AD25. SAS Utility to Combine RTF Outputs and Create a Multi-Level Bookmark Hierarchy and a Hyperlinked TOC
*** BEST PAPER ***
Lugang (Larry) Xie, Janssen Research & Development

AD28. Programming Automation Using Object Oriented Python and Pandas
Dan Li, Sanofi Aventis

AD29. Title and footnote automation, VBA helps you out
Shuai Wu, PRA Health Sciences

AD30. Large batch processing of TLF pagination auto-inspection, 10 secs is enough
(No paper available)
Michael Yang, PRA Health Sciences

AD41. An Introduction to SAS¡¡ Arrays
Andrew Kuligowski, independent

AD56. GCIG Criteria, Programming Makes It Easy
Liming Xie, BeiGene

AD61. A Practical Use of Bitwise Encoding in SAS¡¡
Rowland Hale, Syneos Health

AD72. Use HTML to Make Your Check Log Routine Efficient
Xin Wang, FMD K&L

Coder's Corner

CC22. SAS Report Writing Interface vs R Markdown for Patient Profile Generation
Qin Meng, dMed

CC26. Implement MCP-Mod using SAS and R
Xuan Yang, Boehringer Ingelheim

CC27. Data visualization with Python Techniques
Wenfang Li, Boehringer Ingelheim

CC34. Repeated manual QC by Eyes? No, try to work easier
Xiaoyuan (Cecilia) Yang, Sanofi

CC35. LST and RTF Output Check Tool
Mary Rose Alpha Sibayan, PPD

CC36. Create your SAS programs automatically using python
Jia Linjie, Sanofi

CC49. Innovative Clinical Programming Methods
Richard Allen, Peak Stat

CC50. Writing robust SAS macros
Yan Qiao, BeiGene

CC51. Exploration of SAS Output Solutions
*** BEST PAPER ***
Liao Wen, Proswell Medical Company

CC57. A SAS Macro for Converting Character Dates of Various Formats into Numeric
Hao Dong, Hutchision MediPharma

CC65. Tips in R shiny App for Patient Profile
Xingtian Chen, Boehringer Ingelheim

CC73. Four steps to get a quick start with Perl Regular Expressions in SAS¡¡
*** BEST PAPER ***
Qin Ni

CC83. Skills to work with character values in SAS
Mu Zhang, Amgen

Data Management & Validation

DM15. Ease of Use by Clinical Trial Data: Analysis in an End-To-End Clinical Data Management to Submission Process
Emma Liu, SAS Institute

DM20. Automate the detecting, reporting of raw data issue from eCRT package validation
Yu Zhu, Boehringer Ingelheim

DM40. Case Study: Using Base SAS to Automate Quality Checks of Excel Workbooks that have Multiple Worksheets
Andrew Kuligowski, independent

DM42. Medical Review Support in Clinical Trial: Method of Staging Lung Cancer Automatically According to TNM Staging System Using SAS Software
Pu Huang, BeiGene

DM45. A User-Customized and Automatic SDTM Data Checking Tool
*** BEST PAPER ***
Miao Yu, BeiGene

DM48. Creating a Function for Lab Toxicity Grading using PROC FCMP
Richard Allen, Peak Stat

DM80. Advanced PROC SQL techniques
Charu Shankar, SAS Institute

DM81. Top 10 SAS programming efficiencies
Charu Shankar, SAS Institute

Data Standards/CDISC and Regulatory Submission

DS24. Adding Table of Contents (TOC) for the Annotated CRF Automatically
Yang Zhou, dMed

DS37. A Simple Aggregated Web Page to Collect Trial Summary Domain Dictionaries
Jingwei Huang, Pfizer

DS58. China PASS and Japan PMS
Yusuke Inoue, Novartis

DS68. How to ensure quality in data submission?
Angelo Tinazzi, Cytel Inc

DS69. A Systematic Review of CDISC TAUGs
Angelo Tinazzi, Cytel Inc

DS70. Patient Narrative Generation, PROC Report/Stream vs R Markdown
Yuanyuan Gu, dMed

DS71. Introduction, Implementation and Analysis with Lymphoma Related Data
Shuo Chi, Shuo Chi

DS74. Electronic Data Submission to PMDA : Our experiences and matters of concern
*** BEST PAPER ***
Yasuhiro Iijima, Novartis

DS75. Using SAS macro to automatically update study specific information in SDTM spec for generating Define.xml
Junkai Zhao, Everest Clinical Research

Data Visualization and Graphics

DV19. Interact with your data and create interactive plots with R Shiny
Dan Feng, Pfizer

DV21. Automation of Axes Scale Setting in Figures using SAS Graph Template Language (GTL)
Xiang Liu, Pfizer

DV38. Effective Graphical Representation of Tumor Data
Sanjay Matange, SAS Institute

DV43. Flowcharts Drawn with SAS/GTL
Xiufang Zhang, FMD K&L

DV54. Using R to Query Dataset from SAS Server to Generate Clinical Trial Graphs
Chen Wei, J&J

DV66. Several tips for creating graphs using PROC SGPLOT & PROC TEMPLATE
Chunyan He, Carsgen pharmaceuticals

DV67. Graphical Presentation of Clinical Data in Oncology Studies Using R
Linqing Wang, Hutchision MediPharma

DV79. Extract X and Y coordinates from Image by GROOVY Procedure
KuenHung Lin, Athenex

DV85. Visualization of efficacy endpoints in oncology clinical trials
*** BEST PAPER ***
Shilpakala Vasudevan, Ephicacy Lifescience Analytics

Hands on Workshop(HoW)

HW06. Advanced Figures using SAS Graph Template Language (GTL)
Wei (Tony) Zhang, Pfizer

HW32. PARSING: Using SAS¡¡ When the Data Are Hiding in a Non-Standard Format
Andrew Kuligowski, independent

HW39. Build Popular Clinical Graphs using SAS - Hands-On Workshop
Sanjay Matange, SAS Institute

HW60. SAS¡¡ ODS Graphics - How to Position your Annotations
Rowland Hale, Syneos Health

HW82. The Shape of SAS¡¡ code
Charu Shankar, SAS Institute

Management and Career Development

MA23. Technical hot spots for career development - An overview of hot topics in PharmaSUG and PhUSE conferences
*** BEST PAPER ***
Wenfang Li, Boehringer Ingelheim

MA31. Millennial Management of Gen Z Workers
Margaret Hung, MLW Consulting LLC

MA46. Programmers' role in new drug development and application
Cindy Song, BeiGene

MA55. Lessons in People Management ¨C Lessons from Start-ups
Siva Ramamoorthy, Ephicacy Lifescience Analytics

MA62. Risk Management on Programming Efforts for CSR Delivery
Yiqian Jiang, Janssen Research & Development

MA64. How to Show Your Best You at An Interview
Lei Wang, The Lotus Group

MA78. What Vendor Surveillance can learn from: Basel Accord of Banking Supervision principles for risk management
Gloria Zhong, Merck

MA86. Clinical Programming is More Than Programming
Fangfang Wu, Shanghai Canming Medical Science & Technology CO.,LTD


PO44. Comparison of SAS Procedures for Categorical Analyses in Binominal Test
Yueqing Wang, Pfizer

PO77. Backward Selection¡ªa way to final model
Connie Shao, Boehringer ingelheim

Statistics & Pharmacokinetics

SP03. The diagnosis and handling of Missing data in clinical trials
Ying Yao, Boehringer Ingelheim

SP53. Simon¡¯s Two-Stage Design with Safety Assessment added
Xiaojing Wu, dMed

SP63. Macro library that implements non-compartmental analysis of pharmacokinetics and generates the outputs in CDISC SDTM format
Sujin Seo, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.