Hands-On Training (HoT) sessions are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

In person Hands-On Training sessions (HoTs) this year will be set up such that attendees should bring their own device.

Depending on the session, pre-session setup on your device may be required. SAS-related sessions will use SAS OnDemand for Academics (SODA), and attendees will need to pre-register at least 24 hours in advance (see below). R-related sessions have differing requirements as described below.

HoTs Not Requiring Prior Setup

The following HoT does not require prior setup:

Session Presenter(s)
HT-042 - Commit early, commit often! A gentle introduction to the joy of Git and GitHub Isaiah Lankham and Matthew Slaughter
HT-355 - Introducing TFL Designer: Community Solution to Automate Development of Mock-up Shells and Analysis Results Metadata Bhavin Busa

HT-042: No knowledge of Git or GitHub will be assumed, and no software will need to be installed. In order to work through interactive examples, accounts will be needed for GitHub and Google. Complete setup steps provided at https://github.com/saspy-bffs/pharmasug-2023-how.

HT-355: Attendees will use an internet browser and Adobe Reader; no prior setup is required.

HoTs Using SAS® On Demand for Academics (SODA)

The following HoTs will use SAS On Demand for Academics:

Session Presenter(s)
HT-093 - Undo SAS® Fetters with Getters and Setters—Supplanting Macro Variables with More Flexible, Robust PROC FCMP User-Defined Functions That Perform In-Memory Lookup and Initialization Operations Troy Hughes
HT-105 - Understanding Administrative Healthcare Datasets using SAS programming tools Jayanth Iyengar
HT-250 - Generating Clinical Graphs in SAS and R – A Comparison of the Two Languages Kriss Harris and Endri Elnadav
HT-356 - SAS SQL 101 Charu Shankar
HT-358 - SAS Enterprise Guide: 8.x (What is new!) Ajay Gupta

SODA is a cloud environment for accessing the SAS software (SAS Studio). You must register for SODA prior to the HoT sessions. The registration process is not instantaneous, so please register at least a day in advance (at least 24 hours before the HoT). Please view the PowerPoint presentation Access SODA Instructions to learn about the registration process.

Additional Instructions:
HT-250 and HT-356: The exercises in the HoT can be run on any SAS platform: SAS 9.4, SAS OnDemand for Academics, or SAS Enterprise Guide.

HT-358: Optional: Access to SAS Enterprise Guide v8.x, either installed on laptop or via a Citrix instance.

R HoTs

The following HoTs will use R:

Session Presenter(s)
HT-250 - Generating Clinical Graphs in SAS and R – A Comparison of the Two Languages Kriss Harris and Endri Elnadav
HT-265 - Blastula for Communicating Clinical Insights with R via Email Phil Bowsher
HT-357 - R package validation Magnus Mengelbier

HT-250: Attendees will need to download R and RStudio or create a Posit Cloud account here. The account is completely free and should only take a few minutes to create. A modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge should be used with Posit Cloud.

HT-265: Attendees will need to be able to access GitHub repositories at https://github.com/philbowsher/Data-Science-Workflows-for-Pharma and https://github.com/philbowsher/Data-Science-Workflows-for-Pharma/tree/master/Pins/blastula.

Need Help?

Please try to set up your BYOD device prior to the conference. It is particularly important to register for SODA ahead of time, if you plan on attending any of the SAS-related HoTs.

However, if you need assistance, there will be a Hands-on Training Help & Troubleshooting Drop-In Session on Sunday from 10 AM until Noon in Golden Gate 8. Please note that neither PharmaSUG nor the instructors will perform any installations on your behalf. We will only be available to help answer questions. Any installations are done on your own and you take responsibility for any software you install on your device.

No Laptop! No Problem!

Attendees are welcome to attend HoT sessions and watch as the instructor work through the exercises on the screen. However, we request that you please be courteous and save table space for those who are working through the exercises on their device.

Last updated: 08-May-2023