Thanks to everyone who presented a paper at PharmaSUG 2023. There were many outstanding paper presentations. The section chairs awarded the status of Best Paper to the following papers:

Advanced Programming

AP-079. Using the R interface in SAS ® to Call R Functions and Transfer Data
Bruce Gilsen, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

AP-291. Make You Holla' Tikka Masala: Creating User-Defined Informats Using the PROC FORMAT OTHER Option To Call User-Defined FCMP Functions That Facilitate Data Ingestion Data Quality
Troy Hughes, Datmesis Analytics

Data Standards

DS-150. ADaM Design and Programming Standardization for Oncology Efficacy Endpoints Based on RECIST 1.1
Ellen Lin, Seagen Inc.
Matt Ness, Seagen Inc.
Yinghui Wang, Seagen Inc.

Data Visualization and Reporting

DV-190. Amazing Graph Series: Butterfly Graph Using SGPLOT and GTL
Tracy Sherman, Ephicacy
Aakar Shah, Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.


PO-067. Submission survival guidelines for Statistical Programmers
Mekhala Acharya, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Katlyn Buff, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Norihiko Oharu, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Leadership Skills

LD-095. Lessons Learned from a Retired SAS® Programmer
Carey Smoak, Retired

Metadata Management

MM-327. All You Need to Know about the New CDISC Analysis Results Standards!
Bhavin Busa, Independent
Bess LeRoy, CDISC
Richard Marshall, CDISC

Quick Programming Tips

QT-213. SAS Macro to Automate Programmer Status Sheet
Denise Rossi, PROMETRIKA
Assir Abushouk, PROMETRIKA

Real World Evidence and Big Data

RW-060. Exploring the spread of COVID-19 in the United States using unsupervised graph-based machine learning
Kostiantyn Drach, Intego Group
Iryna Kotenko, Intego Group

Solution Development

SD-122. Building an Internal R Package for Statistical Analysis and Reporting in Clinical Trials: A SAS User's Perspective
Huei-Ling Chen, Merck & Co.
Heng Zhou, Merck & Co.
Nan Xiao, Merck & Co., Inc.

SD-221. SAS® System Macros to Summarize the COMPARE Procedure Results and SAS Logs for a Directory or Single File.
Kevin Viel, Navitas Data Sciences

Statistics and Analytics

SA-068. Validating novel maraca plots – R and SAS love story
Nicole Major, AstraZeneca
Srivathsa Ravikiran, AstraZeneca
Monika Huhn, AstraZeneca
Samvel Gasparyan, AstraZeneca
Martin Karpefors, AstraZeneca

Strategic Implementation & Innovation

SI-176. Tips and traps on how to efficiently accelerate clinical trials to successful submission, approval, and launch
Michael Nessly, ICON PLC

Submission Standards

SS-146. ADaM Datasets with Multiple Participations per Subject
Grace Fawcett, Syneos Health
Sandra Minjoe, ICON PLC
Elizabeth Dennis, EMB Statistical Solutions, LLC