Part of PharmaSUG is giving something back to the community in which our conference is being held. In recent years, we have joined with the Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado, the graduate program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in their efforts to cure cancer, and with the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House in their goal to support families of seriously ill children.

With the pandemic, unemployment and food insecurity skyrocketed. This year, PharmaSUG decided to partner with the Feeding America to help those struggling with food insecurities in the United States.


Feeding America®

Feeding America has been around for over 40 years and is the nation's largest hunger-relief organization. The concept of food banks began in the 1960s and by 1977 there were food banks in 18 cities across the country. The idea was to have a place for people to bring food for those in need to pick up. Through a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, Feeding America provides meals to more than 40 million people each year.

Hunger Facts

  • In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has soared and food insecurity is on the rise. In fact, 42 million people may face hunger because of coronavirus.
  • Feeding America estimates 1 in every 8 people will face hunger in America.
  • Feeding America estimates a total of 13 million children could face hunger as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Feeding America estimates 1 in every 6 children will face hunger in America

How does Feeding America Help?

  • When you support Feeding America, you are helping our nationwide network of food banks deliver programs at the front line of hunger- programs like school-based food pantries, emergency disaster relief, and Kids’ Cafe.
  • Hunger is a complex issue. When people face hunger, they often struggle to meet other basic needs as well — such as housing, employment, and healthcare. That’s why Feeding America is committed to more than providing food for people in need.
  • Learn more about our work around food recovery, safety and security.

  • How Can YOU Help?

    Just $1 can help provide at least 10 meals to kids, families and individuals facing hunger. With your contribution Feeding America can provide more meals to more families and individuals in need.