The PharmaSUG conference is put on by a team of all volunteers. These are individuals who have a passion for the industry and the work they do. They donate their time and effort to make the conference a success. Because of this dedication we wanted to recognize these individuals in a series of “Getting to Know Your PharmaSUG Committee” articles. In the articles, we highlighted these individuals for their hard work, knowledge and the responsibilities they have to the conference.

Thank you, and see you soon!!

Here’s a big shout out and thank you to all the Committee members that shared their story, a part of their lives and personalities with us in the past several months! What started out initially as an attempt to pique your interest or as a precursor to the PharmaSUG conference, turned into a way to keep our readers involved and tuned with how we were handling the cancellation of the conference due to COVID 19. In the process we learned something about these wonderful people that are very interesting individuals as well as accomplished Life Science professionals.

We would also like to show gratitude to our readers who kept following us through these articles and liking and or commenting on social media. For those who may have missed any of these articles, we would like to let you know that you could follow up by clicking on the links below.

The PharmaSUG conference is like a family reunion for many of us, and we eagerly look forward to reconnecting in person every year. However, we missed doing that this year, but the spirit of PharmaSUG is strong, and we will be back bigger and better than ever for PharmaSUG 2021 in Baltimore. We hope to see you there, if not sooner in one of our other events to follow! Until then please sign up to watch our free webinars. Visit Webinar Schedule for details on the webinar schedule.

If you would like to see who else is on the team, visit our Conference Committee page.

Past Committee Highlights

Craig Brelage (Operations Chair) and Gary Moore (Academic Chair)

Nancy Brucken (Webmaster, Mobile App Coordinator, Document Coordinator) and Josh Horstman (Webmaster, PharmaBucks Coordinator)

Richann Watson (Social Media Coordinator, Webmaster, Mobile App Coordinator) and Soumya Rajesh (Social Media Coordinator)

DeDe Schreiber-Gregory (Documents Coordinator, Printed Material Coordinator) and Philip Gregory (Photographer)

Louise Hadden (Head Data Tech Lifeguard and Substitute/Floater),Kriss Harris (First Timer Coordinator) and Lida Gharibvand (Artificial Intelligence Section Chair)

Ali Henderson (Registration Ambassador), Karl Miller (Data Standards Section Chair) and Nikita Sathish (Hands-On Training Section Chair)

Dave D'Attilio (Leadership Skills Section Chair), Sean Lacey (Marketing Ambassador) and Erica Davis (Submission Standards Section Chair)

Derek Morgan (Artificial Intelligence Section Chair) and Sunil Gupta (Software Demonstrators Section Chair)

Ramesh Makkena (Medical Device Section Chair), Natalie Martinez (Advanced Programming Section Chair) and Paul Stutzman (Hands-On Training Section Chair)

Carey Smoak (Medical Device Section Chair) and Marlene Miller (Marketing Coordinator)

Frank Canale (Advanced Programming Section Chair) and Ajay Gupta (Applications Development Section Chair)

Aadesh Shah (Software Demonstrations Section Chair) and Priscilla Gathoni (Assistant Registrar)

Venky Chakravarthy (Marketing Ambassador) and Niraj Pandya (Seminar Coordinator)