These tools will assist authors in the creation and formatting of their PharmaSUG 2019 papers, presentations, and/or e-posters. If you have any questions not covered in these resources, please contact the Academic Chair, Richann Watson, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To upload your paper, copyright grant form and presentation, please use the PharmaSUG Paper Submission System.

For All Authors

  • Submission Guidelines (PDF, 547K) - General specifications for papers, posters, and presenters. All authors are expected to comply with these guidelines, so please review the document carefully.
  • Paper Template (Word template, 4.5M) - This paper template will help you create a final manuscript that meets the requirements.
  • Copyright Grant Form (PDF, 210K) - Due March 30, 2019. Must be completed for each paper in order for the paper to be included in the conference and proceedings. The form can be completed and signed electronically from within Adobe Reader.
  • Copyright Grant Delay Form (PDF, 71K) - Due March 30, 2019. To be completed only if Copyright Grant Form cannot be submitted on time. The form can be completed and signed electronically from within Adobe Reader.

For All Presenters

  • Presentation Template (PowerPoint template, 61K) - This optional presentation slide template will help give our conference a professional and consistent look and feel. Note that all projection at PharmaSUG 2019 will be in widescreen. If you choose not to use the provided template, please format your slides accordingly.
  • PharmaSUG Non-Commercial Policy (PDF, 117KB) - PharmaSUG is an educational, non-commercial conference. This short policy describes the ways in which commercial activity may and may not be conducted in the context of a PharmaSUG event. All presenters are expected to comply with this policy.
  • Here's a very helpful blog post on improving your presentations from an experienced SAS conference presenter.

For e-Poster Authors

PharmaSUG will be working with an outside vendor to manage the e-Poster section. There is no cost to e-poster authors associated with the vendor's services. Please see the PharmaSUG Submission Guidelines for general information about uploading your e-Poster file, including instructions for logging into the e-Poster vendor's website. The website contains additional details about how to upload your e-Poster, as well as a FAQ.

  • e-Poster Templates: Option 1 (PPT template, 154K), Option 2 (PPT template, 126K), Option 3 (PPT template, 773K)
    (Updated 12-Mar-2019)

Additional Resources

  • Applying a New Template to an Existing Document (PDF, 491K) - This article provides step-by-step instructions for converting existing Word and PowerPoint files so that they use the corresponding PharmaSUG 2019 template.
  • Instructions for Uploading Submission Documents (PDF, 737K) - This document describes the steps required for successfully uploading your copyright grant form, final paper and final presentation into the PharmaSUG 2019 Paper Submission System.
  • Applying e-Signatures to a PDF (PDF, 446K) - This document walks you through the steps of electronically signing a PDF file, such as the PharmaSUG Copyright Grant Form.