Thanks to everyone who presented a paper at PharmaSUG 2017. There were many outstanding paper presentations. The section chairs awarded the status of Best Paper to the following papers:

Applications Development

AD01. Here Comes The Smart Mock Table: A Novel Way of Creating Clinical Summary Tables Without Any Table Programming (No Kidding!)
Joseph Hinson, inVentiv Health

AD10. Laboratory Data Standardization with SAS
Charley Wu, Astellas

Beyond the Basics

BB02. Making Documents 'Intelligent' with Embedded Macro Calls, DOSUBL and Proc STREAM: An example with the CONSORT Flow Diagram
Joseph Hinson, inVentiv Health

BB11. SAS Programmer's Guide to Life on the SAS Grid
Eric Brinsfield, Meridian Analytics

Career Planning

CP03. What Makes a Candidate Stand Out?
Edward Slezinger, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - SCHARP

Data Integrity

DA06. Check Your Data: Tools for Automating Data Assessment
Paul Stutzman, Axio Research

Data Standards

DS07. Where Is the Link Broken - Another Look at SDTM Oncology Tumor Packages
Hong Wang, Boehringer Ingelheim
Ke Xiao, Boehringer Ingelheim

DS17. ADaM Grouping: Groups, Categories, and Criteria. Which Way Should I Go?
Jack Shostak, DCRI

Data Visualizations & Graphics

DV10. Automated DSMB Presentation in SAS: Yeah, I'd Submit That! How to auto populate PowerPoint presentations so you don't have to
Brett Jepson, Rho Inc.
Kaitie Lawson, Rho, Inc.

Healthcare Analytics

HA02. Multinomial Logistic Regression Models With SasĀ® Proc Surveylogistic
Marina Komaroff, Noven Pharmaceuticals

Industry Basics

IB02. Good Programming Practices at Every Level
Maria Dalton, GlaxoSmithKline

Management & Support

MS11. Lead Programmer Needs Help: Dedicated Programming Project Manager to the Rescue!
Gloria Boye, Vita Data Sciences (a division of Softworld, Inc)
Aparna Poona, Softworld, Inc. (Life Sciences)
Bhavin Busa, Vita Data Sciences (a division of Softworld, Inc.)


PO11. Facebook Data Analysis with SASĀ® Visual Analytics
Prasoon Sangwan, TATA Consultancy Services Ltd
Vikrant Bisht, TATA Consultancy Services Ltd
Piyush Singh, TCS
Ghiyasuddin Mohammed Faraz Khan, Sapphire Software Solutions Inc.

PO14. Mindfulness at Work: Handling Stress and Changes Gracefully and Be the Leader You Were Born To Be
Helena Ho, Astrazeneca

Quick Tips

QT04. Is There a Date In That Comment? Use SAS To Find Out.
Keith Hibbetts, Eli Lilly and Company

Statistics & Pharmacokinetics

SP01. Multiple Imputation: A Statistical Programming Story
Chris Smith, Cytel Inc.
Scott Kosten, DataCeutics Inc.

Submission Standards

SS06. Awareness from Electronic Data Submission to PMDA and FDA -- Lesson & Learnt from hands-on experiences --
Yuichi Nakajima, Novartis
Takashi Kitahara, Novartis
Ryan Hara, Novartis AG

Techniques & Tutorials

TT16. Dear Dave, Please See the .LST File for Our Validation Differences. Thanks, Bad Validation Programmer
Tracy Sherman, Ephicacy
David Carr, Ephicacy
Brian Fairfield-Carter, InVentiv Health