Registration is available onsite on August 27, 2020 at the Conference Hotel

Registration Type Early
(Mar 09 – Jul 17)
(Jul 18 – Aug 14)
Late / On-Site
(Aug 15 – Aug 29)
Regular Attendee $360
Presenter $300
Pre-Conference Seminar $130/¥910. Last date to cancel a seminar and/or registration with admin fee of USD $50 / ¥350 - June 26

If payment is not received by the end date for the corresponding registration fee, registration fees will be increased to those of the next registration time period. Example: You register on March 10, 2020 (for Early Registration) but you pay on July 19, 2020. Your registration fee is $430 USD/¥3010 Chinese Yuan. Likewise, if you register on August 10, 2020 (for Regular Registration) but you pay on August 16, 2020, your registration is considered Late/On-site Registration and your registration fee is $500 USD/¥3500 Chinese Yuan.

Presenter’s Discount: Prices above reflect a discount for presenters. Presenters pay only US $300/¥2100 Chinese Yuan if registered and paid by July 17, 2020. This discount is given to the first author.

NEW – There are two (2) conference registration systems.
(1) CVENT – It is for those attendees who do NOT need a FaPiao for reimbursement from their employer. To some companies, a CVENT receipt (auto-generated once the registration isc complete and paid) is acceptable for reimbursement. Please check with your employer IF a “customized receipt” is acceptable in lieu of a FaPiao for reimbursement, Here’s a sample of a “customized receipt” (attachment). The payment currency is USD and the payment method is Credit Card. There is no extra charge for issuing a customized receipt. Send your request of a customized receipt via an email to – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include your name, company, contact phone/email and total payment in your email.

(2) BagEvent – It is for those attendees who need a FaPiao for reimbursement. The additional FaPiao & corresponding service fee is 14% of registration & pre-conference seminar fee. It is charged by BagEvent, not by PharmaSUG China. The payment currency in BagEvent is in ¥ and the payment methods are WeChat Pay or Alipay. Payment method by credit card is not accepted in this BagEvent registration system. A digital or a paper FaPiao can be issued by BagEvent.

Please read the above carefully. If you register in CVENT and then later on you find out you need a FaPiao, you have to notify PharmaSUG China (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Your CVENT registration will be cancelled with a “Cancellation Fee” of USD $50 / ¥ 350. Then you have to do a new registration in BagEvent.

Please register for the conference
– Link to CVENT (NO FaPiao and payment by credit card)
– Link to BagEvent (FaPiao) and payment by WeChat Pay / Alipay.