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Presenting a paper at PharmaSUG China is a great way to deepen your own technical skills, gain recognition for yourself and your company, and connect with the larger community of statistical programmers, statisticians, data analysts, and researchers in the life sciences. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you’ve probably learned something that could benefit others. You are encouraged to come and share that learning at PharmaSUG China 2021!

Your accepted paper will be posted on PharmaSUG China’s website, as well as on Lex Jansen’s famous website, where your papers will be exposed to programmers worldwide.

在PharmaSUG China上发表论文演讲是一条绝佳的途经,可以深化您的技术,可以提高您的知名度,可以让您的公司得到认可,还可以接触到更广大的群体:包括统计程序员,统计师,资料分析师,及生命科学研究人员等。无论您在这个行业多久了,您一定学到了某些技能,可以施益于他人。竭诚欢迎您来PharmaSUG China 2021分享您的经验。

您的论文一旦被接受,将会被刊登在PharmaSUG China网站,及其他著名网站,如 Lex Jansen的网站。由此,将可被全球的从业人员阅览和参考。

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