Varied languages, Universal thought: How to handle multilingual data in SASDi Chen, SAS Beijing R&DThis paper summarize some related knowledge and cautions about preparing, processing and using multi-languages data and present the thought with snippets that how to produce a general process to handle it.AD - Application Development & TechnicalTechniques
Intro to Millennials & Generation ZCindy Song, BeiGeneWhat are Millennials & Generation Z? What character traits do they have and what are their expectations in the work place? As the Millennials are becoming the largest generation in the workforce and generation Z entering the job market, it is important that we understand their capabilities & needs.MA - Management & Career Development
Data management and SAS ProgrammingXianbin Xu, Panacea Technology Co., Ltd.During clinical trial data management, data managers need SAS programmer's support and collaboration, for example, to build the programmings for data clean, medical review and statistical check. DM - Data Validation & Management
A SAS Macro for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Data AnalysisXiaoran Han, The Chinese University of Hong KongContinuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems have been increasingly adopted in the management of diabetes. In this paper, we develop a SAS macro to perform general CGM data analysis.SP - Statistics & Pharmacokinetics
New CFDA requirements and its implementation in processEason Yang, NovartisReview and summarize the CFDA reform, new requriements/guidelines/regulations pulished since 2015 and the impact to new drug development. Please also check the uploaded attachmentCD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
Sense and Censorability: Learn censoring techniques with ADTTE for your survivalShilpakala Vasudevan, Ephicacy Lifescience AnalyticsMany studies, even those not pertaining to oncology consider time to event as a significant endpoint. The time to event analysis dataset (ADTTE) facilitates an effective way to derive the time to event, and to do further survival analyses. This paper will look at its implementation and applications.SP - Statistics & Pharmacokinetics
Fifteen Functions to Supercharge Your SAS CodeJoshua Horstman, Nested Loop ConsultingAbstract text appears below in details section. Note that this paper will be presented by Richann Watson on behalf of Josh Horstman.DM - Data Validation & Management
US FDA and yousandy suh, ExeltisDo you have an FDA meeting? If so, what to discuss and how to to prepare is provided in this session. This session will provide types and details on how to prepare for an FDA meeting. Best practices for interacting with your regulatory lead. Advice from the Head of RA (R&D).CD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
Standardize Study Data for Electronic SubmissionQin Li, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.FDA requires that clinical study data must be submitted in a format as specified in the Data Standard Catalog. In the past ten years, our statistical programming team has worked on numerous submissions. We will share our experience on electronic submissions in this paper. CD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
What is RE domain?David Ju, ERTRespiratory System Findings (RE domain) has been introduced in SDTMIG 3.3 as one of the new domains since 2015. Since the SDTMIG will be finalized sooner or later, now is a good time to review what RE domain is for and understand its nuances.CD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
V is for Venn DiagramsKriss Harris, SAS Specialists LimitedWould you like to produce Venn diagrams easily? This paper shows how you can produce stunning two-, three-, and four-way Venn diagrams by using the Graph Template Language, in particular the DRAWOVAL and DRAWTEXT statements. DV - Data Visulization & Graphics
Leveraging Metadata when Mapping to CDISC Standards with SAS® Machine LearningMatt Becker, SASThis paper talks about capturing source to destination data mapping as metadata into centralized libraries and applying Machine Learning algorithms to streamline and predict mapping for newer studies that have similar metadata to already mapped studies.DM - Data Validation & Management
Opening multiple SAS sessions in Windows PC environmentRob Howard, Veridical SolutionsOnce you have a SAS session open with your personalized custom settings and launch SAS again, any subsequent SAS session does not load your SASUSER registry since it’s already in use. This paper show you how to store your registry and access it for multiple SAS sessions in a Windows PC environment.CC - Coder's Corner
Data visualizations with SpotfireStanley Wei, NovartisThis presentation will focus on the introduction of advanced script control with the popular visualization tool Spotfire, including demonstrations with Python scripts, help users develop interactive and dynamic visualizations with more user flexible controls, together with user-friendly interfaces.DV - Data Visulization & Graphics
Knock Knock!!! Who's There??? - Challenges faced while pooling data and studies for FDA submissionAmit Baid, CLINPROBE, LLCPooling data and studies is essential to identify trends and rare adverse events. This paper will look at all the challenges and issues faced while pooling data and studies together for a successful FDA submission and provide tips on how to handle them with ease through careful observation.CD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
Document Automation using R MarkdownWenfang Li, Boehringer Ingelheim (China) Investment Co., LtdAlong with drug development, there requires various supporting documents. These documents follow certain standards but are highly time consuming and require high quality. In this paper, we provide a process and a sample r markdown program package to automate an accurate document in “1-click”.AD - Application Development & TechnicalTechniques