Shanghai, China
Jul 7-8, 2017

Applications Development & Technical Techniques

Wanqing Li, Amgen

AD02. Streamline Table Lookup by Using HASH in FCMP
Qing Liu, Eli Lilly and Company

AD03. Networked Table-shell Exploration
Jianfeng Ye, SANOFI

AD04. Merge multiple RTF files, convert to PDF and add bookmark
Xiang Wang, FMD

AD05. Journey to the center of the earth ?€? Deep understanding of SAS language processing mechanism
Di Chen, SAS Beijing R&D

AD06. A convenient tool to check the pagination issue in TLF
Yong Cao, PPD Inc.
Xuan Sun, PPD Inc.

AD07. Writing Efficient Queries in SAS@ Using PROC SQL with Teradata
Mina Chen, Roche

AD08. Project Automation? Scripting helps you out
Sean Yan, WuXi Clinical Development Services Co.,Ltd
Shaozun Zhang, WuXi Clinical Development Services Co.,Ltd
Jason Wang, WuXi Clinical Development Services Co.,Ltd

AD09. SAS Application to Automate a Comprehensive Review of DEFINE and All of its Components
*** BEST PAPER ***
Walter Hufford, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Vincent Guo, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Mijun Hu, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Coder's Corner

CC01. SYMply PUT: GET the most out of SYMPUTX and SYMGETN
Rob Howard, Veridical Solutions

CC02. Automatic Retention with MERGE statement
Yuni Chen, Roche(China) Holding Ltd.,

CC03. Extract Information from aCRF by using EXCEL VBA

CC04. One Step to Produce Shift Table by Using PROC REPORT
*** BEST PAPER ***
Haiqiang Luo, PPD Inc.

CC05. Could you make join datasets more efficient, especially many to many join?
Wei Duan, Programmer Analyst II PPD

CC06. Creating a list of files within a folder and inserting EXCEL hyperlinks to open each file
Vincent Fan, Sanofi
Qingan Chang, Sanofi

CC07. How to read RTF files into SAS dataset?
Zhao Chunpeng, Boehringer-Ingelheim

CC08. The encapsulation of hash module macro
Mijun Hu, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Data Management & Validation

DM01. How Did This Get Made?
Matt Becker, SAS

DM02. What's your data flow in LSAF (How to code in LSAF)
Shuang Fu, SAS

DM03. Outlier Analysis in SAS
*** BEST PAPER ***
Chao Jiang, MSD
Yan Liu, MSD

DM04. How process flow standardized our process
Yeqian Gu, SAS Research and Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd

DM05. Strip Special & Non-Printable Characters in Your Data Set
Ying Liu, MSD

DM06. Covering Proc Compare Limits
Mary Zeychelle Hundana, PPD Pharmaceutical Development Philippines Corp.

Data Standards/CDISC and Regulatory Submission

CD01. How to define Treatment Emergent Adverse Event (TEAE) in crossover clinical trials
*** BEST PAPER ***
Mengya Yin, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
Wen Tan, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

CD02. Introduction to Therapeutic Area Data Standards User Guide for QT Studies (TAUG-QT)
David Ju, ERT Inc.

CD03. Constructive Practice of Generating ADaM Datasets
Amos Shu, AstraZeneca

CD04. Effective Statistical Programming Preparation and Support for CFDA Self-Inspections and Onsite Inspections
Peng Wan, MSD

CD05. Assigning VISITNUM and EPOCH
Na Duan, WuXi Clinical Development Services Co.,Ltd
Ru He, WuXi Clinical Development Services Co.,Ltd

CD06. Create Zero Observation dataset to achieve maximum metadata resolution in CDISC Submission
M K Sinha (Ajay), M.Phil Biotechnology

CD07. Overview of OSI Deliverables from Programming Perspective
Wang Zhang, MSD R&D (China) Co. Ltd.

CD08. Project Standard Implementation
Yun Ma, Boehringer Ingelheim

Data Visualization and Graphics

DV01. Consistent Group Attributes Independent of Data Order
*** BEST PAPER ***
Yu Li, Novartis

DV02. Data Explore Matrix ?€? Quality Control by Exploring and Mining Data in Clinical Study
Yongxu Tang, Merck
Yu Meng, Merck
Yongjian Zhou, Merck
Yang Chong, Merck
Yangfei Ma, Merck

DV03. Text handling in Graph by using Graph template language
Li Jianduo, PAREXEL

DV04. Clinical Data Visualization using TIBCO Spotfire and SAS
Ajay Gupta, PPD Inc

DV05. What could ODS graphics do about Box Plot?
Tongda Che, MSD

Hands-On Workshop

HOW01. Hands-on Graph Template Language (GTL)
Kriss Harris, SAS Specialists Ltd

HOW02. SAS(R) Studio - The Next Evolution of SAS Programming Environments
Matt Becker, SAS

Management and Career Development

MA01. Managemen and Career Development: Trend of talent and talent needed for multinational enterprises
Samantha Xie, Boehringer Ingelheim

Statistics & Pharmacokinetics

SP01. Time-Dependent Covariates 'Survival' More in PROC PHREG
Fengying Xue, Sanofi
Michael Lai, Sanofi

SP02. Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve Analysis using SAS
Zheng Yao, Merck Serono

SP03. Clinical PK-PD Model: Problems and Countermeasures
Chen Wang, Amgen

SP04. Visualization & interactive application in design and analysis by using Rshiny
*** BEST PAPER ***
Baoyue Li, Eli Lilly China
Boyao Shan, Eli Lilly China

SP05. A Path to Gain Confidenct with your Confidence Interval in Clinical Trial Analysis
Yi Gu, Roche (China) Holding Ltd

SP06. %ScoreQoL: SAS Macro-Program that Automates the Scoring of Quality of Life Questionnaires
Mitchikou Pearl Tseng, PPD