Cindy Song (Sanofi, USA) and Eric Huang (Amgen, China)
2017 Conference Co-Chairs

Conference Committee

Cindy Song (Sanofi - USA)
Eric Huang (Amgen - China)
James Wu (BDM Consulting - USA)
Leo Li (Sanofi - China)
Margaret Hung (MLW Consulting - USA)
Peter Eberhardt (Fernwood Consulting Group Inc. - Canada)
Simon Wang (Roche - China)
Wei Chen (Novartis - China)
Stanley Wei (Novartis - China)
Eason Yang (Novartis - China)

Contact List Maintenance - Nancy Brucken
Graphic Designer - Ramona Minjoe
Smart Phone Application Developer - Rob Howard
Sponshorship Program - Margaret Hung, Wei Chen
Webmaster - Eason Yang, Stanley Wei

Section Chairs

Applications Development & Technical Techniques (AD) - Kriss Harris (SAS Specialists Limited, UK), Billy Xin (TAIMEI technology, China)
Coder’s Corner (CC) – Eason Yang (Novartis, China), Stanley Wei (Novartis, China)
Data Standards/CDISC and Regulatory Submission (CD) – Leo Li (Sanofi, China), Victor Wu (Bejing Data Science Express Consulting, China)
Data Management & Validation (DM) – Carrie Zhang (Panacro, China), Margaret Hung (MLW Consulting, USA)
Data Visualization and Graphics (DV) - Simon Wang (Roche, China), Matt Becker (SAS Institute, USA)
Hands-On Workshop (HOW) - Peter Eberhardt (Fernwood Consulting, Canada)
Management and Career Development (MA) - JingWei Gao (Boehringer Ingelheim, China), Eric Huang (Amgen, China)
Posters (PO) - TBD
Statistics & Pharmacokinetics (SP) - Zibao Zhang (dMed, China), Lucia Han (Lilly, China)