Thanks to everyone who presented a paper at PharmaSUG China 2015. There were many outstanding paper presentations. The section chairs awarded the status of Best Paper to the following papers:

Data Analysis

Hands-On Tutorial for Propensity Score Methods in Pharmaceutical Research Using SAS
Qinlei Huang, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Data Visualization

GTL Makes It Possible: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Lynda Li, Roche

Management and Career Development

Managing the Analysis Programming Effort for an NDA Submission
Yu Cheng, Eli Lilly
Quan Zhou, Eli Lilly

Programming Techniques

The Loop Within: A Macro on Looping Variables and Observations
Eduard Joseph Siquioco, PPD

Preparation & Regulatory Standards Including CDISC

Statistics and Programming in the Globally Evolving Landscape of Clinical Trial Registration and Results (CTRR) Disclosure
Paul Ngai, Xogene Services

Statistics and Pharmacokinetics

A Macro to Automatically Select Covariates from Prognostic Factors and Exploratory Factors for Multivariate Cox PH Model
Yu Cheng, Eli Lilly


PharmaSUG China 2015 Best Paper Winners

PharmaSUG China 2015 Best Paper Winners