Beijing, China
September 5-6, 2014

Applications Development

AD01. PROC FCMP: I Cannot Function Without It.
(No paper available)
Peter Eberhardt

AD02. A Visualization Tool Developed with Visual Basic .Net for Global SAS Macros Management
(No paper available)
Stanley Wei

AD03. Customize your SAS programming toolbar
(No paper available)
Shi Xiaofeng

AD04. One Click to Generate the PK Analysis Outputs in Clinpharm Study
(No paper available)
Zhi Xu

AD05. From Coal Mining to Data Mining: Advancing Programming Management for Clinical Projects with Text Analytics
Zhouming Sun


CD02. Brief Introduction of Oncology Domains in SDTMIG,Version 3.2
Haishan Kadeerbai

CD03. Design and Construct Efficacy Analysis Datasets in Later Phase Oncology Study
Huadan Li

CD04. An implementation of XSL-FO techniques to convert define.pdf from define.xml
Kyle Chang

CD05. Hoping to do an FDA submission with CDISC compliant? Join me for a Mock Drill !!!
(No paper available)
Vijayalakshmi Gajulapalli

CD06. Easy ADaM implementation: Case Study
(No paper available)
Victor Wu

CD07. Implementation in the CDSIC Tumor Domains
(No paper available)
Junjie Shang

CD08. Automating Production of the blankcrf.pdf
(No paper available)
Walter Hufford

CD09. How to meet one new FDA requirement - OSI (Office of Scientific Investigation)
(No paper available)
Xuebo Pi

CD10. Submission of Pharmacokinetics (PK) Data in a CDISC Compliant Format
Yu Zhu

CD11. Data Transparency and Sharing: Research Benefits, Risks and the Future
Matthew Becker

Coder’s Corner

CC01. Annotate your SGPLOT Graphs
Sanjay Matange

CC02. Marco free automation to identify and drop variables with all values as missing
Vamse Goutam

CC03. use self-defined function to indent long AE terms and dynamically repeat SOC in each page
(No paper available)
Victor Hu

CC05. Creating Dynamic Template using GTL
(No paper available)
Faruk Basha Mulla

CC06. I Am Legend
(No paper available)
Kriss Harris

CC07. Plotting Against Cancer: Creating Oncology Plots Using SAS®
Debpriya Sarkar

CC08. Automated Log Analyzer Dashboard
Palanisamy Mohan

CC09. Tips and Tricks about SAS Data Migration among Operating Platforms
(No paper available)
Mina Chen

CC10. Using SAS SG Procedures to Create and Enhance Figures in Pharmaceutical Industry
Huashan Huo

CC11. Make Sure Your Log Is Clean
(No paper available)
Dong Guo

(No paper available)
Kartik Rajan

CC13. Moving Smoothly Between SAS and Excel Using PROC IMPORT
(No paper available)
Minfu He

Data Management & Validation

DM01. I Object: SAS® Does Objects with DS2
(No paper available)
Peter Eberhardt

DM02. Visualizing Clinical Trial Data
Matthew Becker

DM03. Disclosure Requirements for Public Registries
(No paper available)
Paul Ngai

Management and Career Development

MC02. My Ideas on Clinical SAS Programmer’s Training Program
(No paper available)
Lixiang Yao

MC03. A SAS Programmer's Dream
(No paper available)
Yong Zhao

MC04. The Fourth Lie - False Resumes
(No paper available)
Tracy Turschman

MC05. Make Innovative Progress: Let’s Establish Our Own Standard Statistical SAS Macros
(No paper available)
Jianyong Tong

MC06. Building a Partnership: Constructing a global team between a US Sponsor and a Chinese CRO
Nina Worden

MC07. Follow Me, Then You’ll Never Be Freshman Again!
(No paper available)
Yuqin Liao


PO03. A Programmer’s Introduction to Reverse Cumulative Distribution Plot in Vaccine Study
(No paper available)
Weibin Cai

PO05. Use SAS® as a Tool of Error Detection and Reporting for Risk-Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials
(No paper available)
Ka Chun Chong

PO08. SAS2VBA2SAS: Automated solution to string truncation in PROC IMPORT excel
Amarnath Vijayarangan

PO10. To Open SAS Datasets in SAS System Viewer while Compiling the Coding in Enhanced Editor
(No paper available)
Weiquan Xin

PO12. Output flexible and customized Excel spread sheets from SAS data sets using Excel XP Tagset
(No paper available)
Yangyang Li

PO13. Alert when one is not Alert: SAS Call Sound Function
(No paper available)
Vamse Goutam

Programming Techniques

PT01. Essentials of PDV: Directing the Aim to Understanding the DATA Step!
Arthur Li

PT02. The Power of SAS National Language Support - Embrace Multilingual Data
Chao Wang

PT03. SAS XML Mapper: A bridge connecting PDF Comments, MS excel files, and SAS datasets
(No paper available)
Gaoyang Li

PT04. Quick Graphs with ODS Graphics Designer
Sanjay Matange

PT05. Napoleon Plot
(No paper available)
Kriss Harris

PT06. Hash table and its use in the big data analysis of healthcare claims database
(No paper available)
Weston Chen

PT07. Monitoring Child Growth and Safety Profile using Growth Charts
Rajesh Babu Moorakonda

PT09. A simple way to access the data in EXCEL through SAS v9/ ACCESS® libname and Excel engine
Lianbo Zhang

PT11. Collapsing Adverse Event Records
Haiqiang Luo

Statistics and Pharmacokinetics

SP01. Continual Reassessment Method (CRM) in Dose-finding Trials
(No paper available)
Vicky Pan

SP02. Proportions: Stop Worrying and Start Calculating
(No paper available)
Hui Wang

SP03. Compartmental Models in SAS: Application to Model Epidemics
Ka Chun Chong

SP06. Bayesian Augmented Control (BAC) Application by using ‘Proc iml’
(No paper available)
Zhuo Chen

SP07. Analysis of Multiple Imputation in Conjunction with Robust Regression in Clinical Trials Using SAS
(No paper available)
Tongda Che

SP08. Forecast number of events in oncology trials: parametric method and non-parametric method
(No paper available)
Yan Qiao

SP09. Extend SAS by R
Derek Li

SP10. Early Development Stage (EDS) study---A wonderful start for junior SAS programmer
(No paper available)
Yuan Zhuang

SP11. Calculation of Relative Risk and Odds Ratio Using StatXact PROCs
Halimu haridona