• Are you a little nervous about speaking to an audience?
  • Would you like to have experienced presenters help you develop your presentation?
  • Do you want an opportunity to practice your presentation and receive constructive feedback before you come to PharmaSUG?
Introducing the Presenter Coaching Program...

The PharmaSUG 2019 Presenter Coaching Program is available to help you maximize the effectiveness of your presentation. Whether you are a first-time presenter or an accomplished speaker just looking to put that final polish on your presentation, we can help you.

Our presenter coaches will work with you through every step of the process, from writing the paper to developing your slides to delivering your presentation at the conference. There's no cost to participate - it's part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality content at PharmaSUG 2019.

More details about the program and how to participate will be coming soon. Check back here in January 2019!