Advanced Visualization using TIBCO Spotfire and SASAjay Gupta, PPD, Principal Programmer AnalystThis paper will demonstrate some advanced visualization from Preclarus Patient Data Dashboard (Preclarus PDD) within PPD created using TIBCO Spotfire and SAS for SDTM database and share our experiences and challenges while creating this visualization.DV - Data Visulization & Graphics
Practical Uses of the DOW Loop in Pharmaceutical ProgrammingRichard Allen, Peak Stat, Statistician/ProgrammerThe DOW-Loop involves taking control of the implicit DO loop in a DATA step by identifying and storing a value that is retained until all records for a by group are processed. It has many applications, including streamlining LOCF and change from baseline calculations as well as transposing.AD - Application Development & TechnicalTechniques
Exploiting OpenData & AdvancedAnalytics approach to better know the population and determine the best opportunities to open new HospitalKrystian Matusz, Permanent TSB, Passionate Data ScientistThis paper will present a usage of open data to support the critical business decision on the new Hospital location. The described framework is intended to help make smart(er), data-driven decisions and to help understand the demographics and local population data in the best way.SP - Statitistics & Pharmacokinetics
Considerations in ADaM Occurrence Data: Handling Crossover Records for Non-Typical AnalysisRichann Watson, DataRich Consulting, Statistical Programmer and CDISC ConsultantCD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
Automate Clinical Trial Data Issue Checking and TrackingQin Li, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sr. Director, Statistical ProgrammingWell organized and properly cleaned data are fundamental for clinical trial data analysis. Programmatic data issue checks play an important role in data cleaning. Our tool is a set of SAS macro programs which automate data checking and issue tracking outside of data capture systems.AD - Application Development & TechnicalTechniques
How to do data validation plan autogeneration in clinical trial David Guo, Proswell, Director of Data Management and statisticsDM - Data Validation & Management
A tool to compare different data transfersJun Wang, FMD K&L Inc., Senior Statistical Programmer/Analyst IFor an ongoing study, especially middle-large size , regular or irregular data reviewing is an import method to monitor the progress and quality. We develop a tool to compare the different data transfers, including added or deleted records, values updated for the existing records and no changes.AD - Application Development & TechnicalTechniques
Simplifying Your %DO Loop with CALL EXECUTEArthur Li, City of Hope National Medical Center, BiostatisticianOne often uses a %DO loop to execute a section of a macro repetitively. An alternative method is to utilize the loop in the DATA step with CALL EXECUTE to generate a series of macro calls. One of the advantages in the latter approach is eliminating the needs of using indirect referencing.AD - Application Development & TechnicalTechniques
Standardize Study Data for Electronic SubmissionQin Li, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sr. Director, Statistical ProgrammingFDA requires that clinical study data must be submitted in a format as specified in the Data Standard Catalog. In the past ten years, our statistical programming team has worked on numerous submissions. We will share our experience on electronic submissions in this paper. CD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission
What is RE domain?David Ju, ERT, Sr. DirectorRespiratory System Findings (RE domain) has been introduced in SDTMIG 3.3 as one of the new domains since 2015. Since the SDTMIG will be finalized sooner or later, now is a good time to review what RE domain is for and understand its nuances.CD - Data Standards/CDISC & Regulatory Submission